Download China Fastboot Stable ROM Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime [wt88047] V9.2.3.0.KHJCNEK Kitkat 4.4

Download Global Fastboot Stable ROM Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime [wt88047] V8.2.1.0.KHJMIDL Kitkat 4.4

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On this page> Download Global Fastboot Stable ROM Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime [wt88047] V8.2.1.0.KHJMIDL Kitkat 4.4 i will share to you about new firmware file china fastboot global stable miui 8 for xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime [wt88047], this file can use porpose update your xiaomi rom. The ROM also can use for upgrading, Reinstall and Change EMMC with MIUI Global stable. Several model can’t get update ota so use this firmware is Solution.

Download China Fastboot Stable ROM Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime [wt88047] V9.2.3.0.KHJCNEK Kitkat 4.4

Steps to Flashing or Install MIUI V8.2.1.0.KHJMIDL Global Stable ROM for Redmi 2 Prime [wt88047]

Please read before tak action

# This ROM file is only can use for  Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime [wt88047] model
# Make sure the battery capacity more than 60% at least, Avoid failure flashing
# Please backup all your data cause after flashing all your data store on internal will be wipe (delleted) permanent can’t restore using any app.
# Use original USB cable for stable flashing process
# Make sure to download and install the USB Drivers and Flash Tool on your computer below.
# this file can use only for Xiaomi with Unlock bootloader [ make testpoint if your device still Locked bootloader ].

Preparation, All material 

  • Windows PC and Installed Net framework
  • USB Driver [already include when you install the Xiaomi flash tool]
  • Xiaomi Flash tool
  • Firmware can download Below this post

Detail file of Firmware shared :

File size: 1.1GB
File name: Flasherfile.com_wt88047_global_images_V8.2.1.0.KHJMIDL_20170214.0000.00_4.4_global_c5fecbbd3a.tgz
OS Version: Kitkat
Miui Version: MIUI 8
Change Logs: SystemUpdated Android Security Patch to 2018-09-07 10:43:45 , Increased system securityData usage

Fix Update:


New – Three-fingered swipe for screenshots (08-09)

New – The app order in quick sharing is dynamically sorted by usage frequency (09-13)


New – Set your Lock screen wallpaper as the conversation background (09-13)


Optimization – Opening contacts in Messaging (08-19)

Lockscreen, Status Bar, Notification Bar

New – Swipe to delete Lock screen notifications (11-18)

New – UI adjustments for toggles (12-15)

New – Battery saver toggle can be added to the Notification shade (12-15)

Optimization – Saved networks aren’t shown in the network list (08-05)

Optimization – LED notification light turned off by default in permissions (08-05)

Optimization – Tap the date in the status bar to open Calendar (09-07)

Optimization – Swipe down for toggles, rearrange toggles (09-20)

Optimization – Lock screen PIN layout (11-15)

Optimization – Changed icons for USB charging and switching keyboards (12-01)

Optimization – Floating notifications won’t appear in DND mode (12-13)

Fix – Holding a notification didn’t give any results (08-19)

Fix – Notification shade issues in Second space (08-31)

Fix – Status bar wasn’t working properly with third party themes in some cases (09-01)

Fix – Issues with volume level notification in Second space when using earphones (09-05)

Fix – Weather widget issues (09-20)

Fix – Notification shade issues during incoming call floating notifications (10-25)

Fix – Wi-Fi page made the device freeze when it was opened for the first time (11-07)

Fix – Notification shade issues (11-15)

Fix – Issues with opacity after using third party themes (11-15)

Fix – The first notification couldn’t be removed by a swipe (11-29)

Fix – Landscape mode issues with third party themes (12-06)

Home screen

New – Home screen settings added to the Settings (11-22)

Optimization – Changing wallpaper in editing mode (08-19)

Optimization – Hold the empty spot on the Home screen to enter the editing mode (09-06)

Optimization – Exit recents automatically to take a call (09-13)

Fix – Issues with icons after reflashing the device (08-08)

Fix – FC issues in hidden notes (08-15)

Fix – Device didn’t respond after updating and rebooting (09-06)

Fix – FC issues when switching between themes (09-06)

Fix – Messaging app icon wasn’t marked when messages were received in Second space (09-20)

Fix – Time flashed in status bar when pressing Home button (09-27)

Fix – Time wasn’t shown in status bar in some cases (09-27)

Fix – Part of UI for deleting apps wasn’t visible on light backgrounds (10-11)

Fix – Minor adjustments for animations in the Launcher (11-14)


New – Three-fingered swipe for screenshots (08-09)

New – Slide down to exit fullscreen preview (08-30)

New – Turn off screenshot sound in screenshot settings (08-31)

New – The app order in quick sharing is dynamically sorted by usage frequency (09-13)


New – Introducing Privacy protection password (10-12)

Permissions Manager

New – Added permissions for Lock screen and background notifications (08-19)


New – Delete synced recordings from the device keeping them in the cloud (09-13)

Clock / Calculator

New – C button clears current calculation, AC clears all history (08-17)

New – Automatic font size adjustments for the numbers you enter (08-17)

New – Long press the numbers to convert them to the Chinese financial characters (08-17)

Optimization – Colored backgrounds for Alarm (08-23)

Virus Scan

New – Antivirus scans for the apps installed not from Google Play (11-02)

Quick Ball

New – Swipe to the edge of the screen to hide Quick ball (09-08)

Simple Guide Step Flashing Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime [wt88047] Using Fastboot ROM

  1. Extract the Download Firmware flash File
  2. Open Xiaomi Flashtool
  3. Turn Off the Device
  4. Put your Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime [wt88047] to Fastboot mode ==> Press and Hold the Volume down key and press power on, or Press the volume down key and then connect with usb to PC , your phone now turn on on fastboot modeFastboot Mode Xiaomi
  5. Connect Your xiaomi phone to PC using USB cable
  6. On Xiaomi Flashtool click select and browse to Extracted Folder Redmi 2 Prime [wt88047] Firmware
  7. Click refresh and make sure your phone already detected on Xiaomi flashtool
  8. the bottom left corner select Flash_all
  9. Click Start [ now flashing run ], wait untill process pass [succes]How to Flash Xiaomi Android Phone Using Mi Flashtool


Optional methode:

How to Flashing Redmi 2 Prime [wt88047] without Xiaomi flash tool

  1. Extract Downloaded firmware file
  2. Open the folder and make sure now on folder with file flash_all.bat Redmi 5a Riva Fastboot China Stable ROM
  3. Extract the flasherfile.com_Minimal ADB and Fastboot
  4. put the extracted file same as this picture
  5. Connect your phone into PC in Fastboot mode
  6. Now double click flash_all.bat and Flashing will start automatic on Command Prompt mode

for more detail flashing guide please follow this link => How to flash Xiaomi android use XIaomi flash tool Complete with Picture

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