CPH1823 Oppo F9 Stock ROM

(Emmc Dump) CPH1823 Oppo F9 Tested Full User area

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(Emmc Dump) CPH1823 Oppo F9 Tested Full User area – Dump file needed for replace EMMC file, this file will config the boot 1, boot 2 , Ext_csd and user area. On this page you will get full.

CPH1823 - Emmc dump
CPH1823 – Emmc dump

How to use this EMMC dump CPH1823 Oppo F9

  1. Prepare New EMMC IC
  2. Attach to EMMC tool box for example Ufi Box please use HYNIX H9TQ17ABJTAC or Compatible EMMC IC
  3. Open the App Emmc toolbox
  4. Extract the EMMC Dump File
  5. Load Boot 1 to Boot 1 Colom file, Boot 2 to Boot 2 Colom file, ext_csd to Ext_csd and User Area to User area
  6. Click Identify, And Factory Reset
  7. Click Write to Write Dump to new EMMC untill done
    ==> Done forget Restore NVram backup
  8. Attach emmc to Board

Detail EMMC dump Oppo CPH1823 Oppo F9

  • File Size : 2 Gb
  • File Name : flasherfile.com_CPH1823(CPH1823EX_11_A.14_190420-8.1.0-O11019)[H9TQ52ACLTMCUR_08C84D16] backup
  • For password : flasherfile.com

Compatible IC : HCG8a4, DH6DAB, 3H6CAB, 3V6CMB, hC8aP, DV6DMB, DH6DMB, 3H6CMB

it just for direct emmc to repair boot use ISP direct : Oppo ISP Pinout CPH1823

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Download (Emmc Dump) CPH1823 Oppo F9 Tested Full User area

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